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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The World's Greatest Outside Reading Project - TIES for English Two and Honors English Two

In The World's Greatest English Class, we can't do things the same ways they do them in other English Classes. That wouldn't be great. Greatness is different than mediocrity, so those who would be great must do different things.

A case in point are the "outside reading" assignments so commonly made in the run-of-the-mill English classes. While reading outside of class is of great value in learning to read well, and critical to becoming an excellent reader, the World's Greatest English Teachers have found such assignments to be too vulnerable to cheating, too consuming of class time, and not as valuable in addressing the California Language Arts Standards as they could be.

Hence, we're going to fulfill the outside reading requirement in a different way the TIES way.

TIES is an acronym for Thematic Investigation, Exposition and Synthesis. The program is intended to get you to read an an extended written work, such as a novel, and use that as a launch pad to explore and relate the themes and subjects in that work to other works from other media films, audio files and webpages, for examples and from other authors. It's intended to be difficult to fake your way through.

When you click "read more" below, you'll find links to several files you need to fulfill this class requirement.
One of the files contains the TIES "bundles," which are groups of thematically related works which, after choosing one, the student must find and examine completely before moving on to the next step, which is preparing the required essay or speech summarizing the works and "synthesizing" a response which explicates a deeper, less obvious idea which unites all the works.

If you're in English Two, you can choose from the bundles in the English Two list below, or you can choose from the Honors English Two list if you would like to challenge yourself, which we recommend for your personal growth.

If you're in Honors English Two, you MUST choose from the Honors English Two list.

Also included below is a TIES permission slip, which must be filled out and signed by a parent giving the student permission to do that bundle, an outline of what the "synthemic essay" must contain, three pages of instructions for the TIES speech assignment and a rubric for grading the TIES speech.

Ties Permission Slip
Ties Bundles - English 2
TIES Bundles for Honors English Two
Synthemic Essay Instructions