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Monday, February 01, 2016

Prepare yourself for the California High School Exit Exam

In the World's Greatest English Classes, we'll be helping you prepare for the California High School Exit Exam in the coming weeks.

However, this test is so important to you and your future that you should work on your own to prepare for it. It's the responsible and adult thing to do. All the cool kids are doing it.

Here's a link to a pdf version of the Language Arts test.

Here's a link to a California Department of Education site which has the Math study materials you can print out and use to familiarize yourself with the style, format and content of the questions that will be asked on the actual test! It almost will be like having a copy of the test in advance! Almost.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lord of the Flies Chrestomathy Materials

This is the third of four chrestomathies each student will be required to complete this year in The World's Greatest English Class. The three links below are the guide for the materials that are needed for completion of the unit:

The first is the Table of Contents for the unit. This will be the first page of the completed chrestomathy. It shows what pages will be needed and in what order the materials will be presented.

The second is the Unit Specifics sheet for the unit. This sheet will not ultimately be included in the chrestomathy but is essential for knowing which options are available on each assignment. For example, included are the words available for the Word Quest and the topics available for all the types of writing in the unit, Narrative, Persuasive, and Response to Literature. The student will be referring to the sheet often.

The final sheet is the rubric that The World's Greatest English Teachers will be using when grading the chrestomathy. The student should print out a copy of this rubric so they will have a good idea how they will be graded, but it will not be included in the chrestomathy.

LOTF Table of Contents
LOTF Unit Specifics
charting multiple texts
Synthesis Composition
Lesson Presentation Expository Speech
Lesson Planning Sheet

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Campbell, Hannigan Named World's Greatest Teachers of the Year

Teachers Named "World's Greatest Teachers of the Year"
An independent educational website has named James Logan Language Arts Teachers Tim Campbell and Patrick Hannigan the "World's Greatest English Teachers of 2013."

The website, nominated for a 2007 Weblog award, chose Campbell and Hannigan for "their outstanding achievements in Language Arts education," according to the website.

This is the 10th straight year they have won the prestigious award.

The duo earned specific praise for their work in bringing California Standards-based lessons to their classrooms, developing innovative and engaging lessons for the play "Cyrano de Bergerac," the novel "Lord of the Flies" and the seminal satrical political fable, "Animal Farm," and for their revolutionary "outside reading" program known as "TIES," or Thematic Investigation, Exposition and Synthesis, which guides students through a variety of "bundles," which are groups of thematically related books, articles, websites and films, before prompting them to produce a variety of materials in response.

"We love the books we teach and the students to whom we teach them," said Educator Tim Campbell. "I particularly like Animal Farm, which contains many important lessons for students, such as the part in which Napoleon aggrandizes himself by awarding himself medals and the like."

Hannigan said he was grateful for the award and the recognition it brings. "It would be false modesty to say we didn't deserve this award. We've worked very hard on the behalf of our students. It's all about them. They are the future of the world. Right now, though, Mr. Campbell and I are the present. We are a gift we give to our students."

Students seem to appreciate that gift. In an essay written for Mr. Hannigan, one student said "Mr. Hannigan's intellectual ideas have greatly influenced all people."

The student, who cannot be identified because of state law, said his "family moved to Union City just so [the student} could be one of the students of the Almighty Hannigan."

Similar comments have been made by students about Campbell, who has also been named the James Logan High School Teacher of the Year.

The website,, cited statistics that prove, through scientific analysis, that Campbell and Hannigan's students get higher grades in both high school and college, earn more after they graduate, are more popular with their peers and have lower lung cancer and colon cancer rates than their counterparts. Their mates report higher levels of satisfaction, as well.

Educational expert Fred Jedder praised Campbell and Hannigan, saying that "the educational community would do well to submit to their leadership and give up resisting the inevitable conquest of the exhausted pedagogies."

Prince Felatu, ruler of the island nation of Tatua, said he would grant Campbell and Hannigan hereditary titles of Lords of the Realm of Tatua, and ordain them as bishops in the Church of Tatua.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maus author Art Spiegelman says:

wikipedia photo
Maus grew out of a comic strip I did in 1971 for an underground comic book: a three-page strip that was based on stories of my father's and mother's that I recalled being told in childhood....In 1977 I decided to do [a] longer work, [and] I set up an arrangement to see my father more often and talk to him about his experiences....Although I set do a history of sorts, I'm all too aware that ultimately what I'm creating is a realistic fiction. The experiences my father actually went through [are not exactly the same as] what he's able to remember and what he's able to articulate of these experiences. Then there's what I'm able to understand of what he articulated, and what I'm able to put down on paper. And then of course there's what the reader can make of that....It's important to me that Maus is done in comic strip form, because it's what I'm most comfortable shaping and working with. Maus for me in part is a way of telling my parents' life and therefore coming to terms with it....It's not a matter of choice in the sense that I don't feel I could deal with this material as prose, or as a series of paintings, or as a film, or as poetry....In looking at other art and literature that's been shaped from the Holocaust-a historic term I find problematic - that material is often very high pitched....I feel a need for a more subdued approach, which would incorporate distancing devices like using these animal mask faces. Another aspect of the way I've chosen to use this material is that I've entered myself into the story. So the way the story got told and who the story was told to is as important [as] my father's narrative. To me that's at the heart of the work.

from Oral History Journal, Spring 1987 )

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Maus 1 Backup Copy

Here's a copy of
Maus 1 that you can use in conjunction with the classroom text.

For those of you who would like to read ahead: Maus_Two.pdf

Please delete any downloaded copies of this work as soon as we finish reading it in class.