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This is the archive for September 2015

Friday, September 04, 2015

Honors and Honors English Two First Essay Topic

Write an organized, persuasive essay on the topic below.

Due Thursday in Campbell's Classes.
Due Friday in Hannigan's Classes

1. Your essay must be no longer than one side of one piece of paper.
2. Do not include a cover page.
3. Write your name and period on the back of the essay.
4. Type your essay using a 12-point font such as Times, Helvetica or some other plain font.
5. Include a title.
6. Do your best work.


Which is a better superpower, flight or invisibility?

There are some limitations on each superpower in this exercise.

With the power of flight, you can only carry as much as you normally can. Your top speed is 40 mph and when you fly that fast, you get tired quickly. Flying at around 10 mph takes about as much energy as walking. You have to rest sometimes.

With the power of invisibility, your clothes turn invisible with you and anything you can fit under your clothes or in your pockets turns invisible as well. Invisibility takes the same endurance as walking, so you have to rest once in a while.